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One of the foremost galleries in the world selling miniatures and silhouettes in Oil
and Watercolour by Living Artists

Gallery Open 10am - 7.30pm Tuesday - Saturday inclusive:
124 -126 The Cut, Waterloo, London SE1 8LN UK 
(Opposite the Old Vic Theatre)
Tel: 020 7620 1322/1324


The Art of the Miniature
There are few opportunities to see such a large collection of miniature paintings shown together in a London Gallery. The Llewellyn Alexander Gallery maintains a stock of 350 miniatures throughout the year and has a glittering annual exhibition of over 700 paintings in oil, watercolour and acrylic showing the refinement and precision of the brushwork required to work on such a small scale.

The Art of Perfection
The skill of the medieval manuscript painters and the early Tudor portrait painters, such as Nicholas Hilliard, continues. Today’s artists have a much wider range of colours and pigments and benefit from studying the craft and technique of the Old Masters. Miniature painting is an art form that has an ever-growing interest and has inspired collectors from all over the world, including His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales who, in 2003, became a patron of the Royal Society of Miniature Painters Sculptors and Gravers. The average size of the pictures is 8cms by 6cms but some can be as small as 2cms in diameter, small enough to be held in the palm of the hand. Each tiny picture is a collectable in itself and the detail is as accurate as a painting several times its size

It is a breathtaking sight to see so many tiny pictures - richly painted still lifes, silhouettes, delicate flowers, charming animals and birds, portraits, magnificent landscapes and elegant military gentlemen in uniform – all shown together in one stunning show.